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Work with Charles


Interested in working with Charles?  He offers readings and classes to help share his skills and pass on his knowledge.

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In person and online classes are usually offered when there is enough interest.  Typical class size is 4 people.  Fill out the form below to be added to the list!

Current Classes Available:

Intro to Clairvoyance - 8 week course


In this 8 week introduction, you will learn how to "view" or psychically see and do basic readings for yourself and others.  Also learn about your chakras, energy system, and how to interpret symbols that you see.


Intro to Tarot - 4 week course


In this 4 week introductory course to the full tarot deck (based on the Rider Waite Smith deck), Charles teaches his methods to best understand and read the tarot by learning their interwoven stories.  Walking through the major, minor, and court cards, Charles makes it easy to see the patterns within the deck.

Intro to Energy Work - 4 week course


In this 4 week introductory course about our energetic system, learn how to feel and move energy throughout the body by tapping into your intuition.  By the end of the course, you will be able to perform an energetic flush on yourself or someone else.  

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Classes with Charles

Please add your name under the classes your have interest in attending.  You will be contacted when enough students are interested.  It is ok to put your name down for multiple classes if you want to take more than one.  

How do you want to attend?

Thank you for your interest in the classes!

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Psychic Readings


Getting a reading with Charles gives you just that. A different perspective on how to see things in the present.

Readings are advantageous when we need a little extra guidance. They act as a reflection help us gain insight about ourselves or a situation in our lives. Readings are grounding and offer reassurance when we are presented with life’s choices.

Types of things Charles can read:

-personal questions

-your aura

-your chakras

-energies around a situation in your life

-any energetic blocks

-connect to your spirit guides/angels/higher self

-connect with past lives that hold lessons for now


Charles reads clairvoyantly and using the tarot. He has studied the tarot since 2004, and began extensive clairvoyant training in 2016. 

All readings done over Zoom call or phone.

$111 hour/$57 half hour. Payment must be made ahead of the reading. Venmo, credit, and paypal are accepted.

Ready to book? Click the button below and fill out the template with the required information!



Readings are meant to be for personal value only. They are not a substitute for professional medical, financial, or legal advice.

Charles is not a future/predictive reader.  

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